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Did you know that a plant based diet is not only good for you, it is good for the planet as well? A plant based diet can be much easier to achieve than you think. You may have to change some of your habits, but a plant based diet can does not have to be complicated. Maya from Oxford Circus escorts said that she changed her diet starting with breakfast and it was easier than she thought. However, she does say that she changed her shopping habits.


Instead of shopping once a week, Maya started to shop every other day. She bought things like fruit and made sure it was fresh. She claims it did wonders for her energy levels at Oxford Circus escorts, and at the same time, changing her diet to a plant based diet, was great for her skin. Maya says that she has wonderful skin since she changed her diet, and all of those little niggles that she used to suffer from have gone aways. It is the first time on mt life I am completely spot free she says.


The health benefits you get from a more plant based diet goes beyond good skin. Did you know that fibers in fruit and vegetables can seriously help to improve your liver function? When you improve your liver function, you reduce fat levels in your blood as the liver is allowed to work much more efficiently. Eating raw foods are especially good for you, and you should try to add as much raw fruit and vegetables to your diet as you possible can.


Do you save money by going plant based? You can save money on a plant based diet if you shop smart.  If you shop every other day like Maya from Oxford Circus escorts, you will save money as you don’t throw things away. Another girl at Oxford Circus escorts also is into plant based eating. She says that she saves a lot of money by purchasing fruit and vegetables when they are on special offer. Then she freezes them very quickly, and she knows that she is never going to be without fruit and vegetables.


How about growing your own? Growing your own may seem out of the reach of most Londoners, but in fact it is not. It does not matter if you grow a lot or a little as long as your grow something. Hanging baskets are useful, and so are window boxes. Maya from Oxford Circus escorts says that she grows all of her tomatoes, onions and peppers. It is much easier than you think she says, and it home grown fruit and vegetables always taste a lot better. Make sure that you are savvy with water, and growing your own will be very cost effective at the same time. Try to experiment all of the time, and find out what works in your immediate area. It could be that you are south facing, and peppers will do very well.

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