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I am always happy to get married. What I want is a happy home, a happy husband, says Sandhurst Escorts. I assume that we are happy after twenty years of marriage. On our road, which matches our unique features? We seem to have agreed to all decisions; not with difficulty, but easily. “How should our marriage be?” I have not asked a question. That’s our marriage. It is a reciprocal process, and that is the result we have achieved together for twenty years. I soon learned that it only applies in relationships without secrecy. Did the secret suddenly unfold? When the truth comes, it can look sharp. Sandhurst Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/sandhurst-escorts added, actually, the signs are there, but still not clear. “How can you not know that your husband has a connection?” playing in my mind again and again in the days after discovery. Because I don’t want to face what’s clear? No, because infidelity is not always clear to the husband. Without night, no lipstick on the collar. There is no time recorded. There are no strange phone calls. Where should I look? My husband is aware of his daily life and family. One day the routine was cut off. I went to his office and he pushed himself to the phone and whispered in his mouth with a big smile on his face. He forgot that I had met him this morning. He looked at me when he spoke on the phone and said, “I have to go.” The conversation was very friendly; My first thought is, why can’t you tell this person that I’m here? When I left the phone, I asked, “Who are you talking to?” He tripped and replied, “Nothing. I said, “Looks like we have fun.” Then he replied, “That’s Ellis.” My heart fell. I immediately thought, Ellis? Ellis left two years ago. He is your secretary. Why are you talking to him? I shuddered shyly and left my office in a nearby empty office. He followed me and closed the door. I immediately wrote the words, “Do you have a connection with Ellis?” “No”, he shook his head and said “no” again. I don’t believe him, but I can’t imagine he will lie to me too. He never lied to me before, why now? what can I do? It feels very wrong to blame your wife for romance, but there are still words in the air. All I can do is avoid this inconvenience. My husband kept calling for an hour, Sandhurst Escorts added. When I finally answered the phone, he said he called Ellis after I left, Sandhurst Escorts says. He said it was wrong to keep your friendship from respecting me. He assured me that there was nothing between them and that he would stop contact in the future. At that time, I trusted him. I did not return to the incident and often wondered why. I was on the verge of discovery and hesitant. All I can say is that doubt stems from the desire to marry someone I know and whom I trust, Sandhurst Escorts added.

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